Hivastan & Apistan: A bee's best defense against the varroa mite

Product Information

It is important to monitor hives periodically for mite infestations as part of good management practices. Apistan® will ensure proper control and will reduce the risk of tolerance development within mite populations.

Apistan® Anti-Varroa Strips

Apistan® was the first commercially available mite control product; it’s hard on mites but easy on bees. Apistan® controls mites as bees come in contact with the strip. There is enough, tau-fluvalinate in the strip to last an 8 week period. When the bees interact within the strip, the active ingredient is released to control mites. Apistan® protects the whole hive from the Varroa mites.

  • Convenient easy to apply strips.
  • Easy-to-follow, four-step application.
  • Fluvalinate is released at a constant, controlled rate, targeting Varroa as they emerge from brood cells.
  • Won’t harm bees.


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